SUP River Journey

  • SUP River Journey

    Experience a stand up paddle boarding & rafting journey down the Wild and Scenic Rogue River and immerse yourself in 40 miles of pristine forest stitched alongside a wild and stunning river. The journey is full of adventure and whitewater, with river bends that offer mystique around every corner. The journey is about visiting one of America’s great river canyons and soaking up Mother Nature’s dish of Oregon fresh air, sparkling water, and starry night skies. Each day brings new rapids and excitement, yet the journey is so much more than adrenaline-fueled adventure. In between waves and at each camp, you will discover toes-in-the-sand laughter and sun-kissed relaxation, paired with ridiculously good food and wine served with a riverside view. SUPing the whole 40 miles would be an extremely challenging feat, we recommend that your group take turns SUPing and paddling in a raft. If you have experience SUPing, and have been on others rivers, we are happy to let you take on the SUP challenge. The SUP challenge is the full 40 miles, aside from a handful or rapids that we will ask you to join us in rafts for.

    So, “what is this journey?” you might ask.

    This is the Wild & Scenic Rogue River, and it’s one of America’s greatest River Journeys. Would you like to join us?

    About the Rogue River

    The Wild & Scenic Rogue River is Oregon’s premier overnight rafting trip. We invite you to experience this remarkable river canyon in the most comfortable and fun way possible, by joining a Rogue River Journeys SUP &amp: rafting trip. Our trips are four days in length and are led by the best team of guides in the business. While the river itself is the highlight of every trip, it is our company’s attention to detail, industry-leading service standards, and passion for sharing with others this national treasure that has kept our guests coming back year after year.

    A SUP trip on the Rogue River will carry you 40 miles through the heart of the Rogue River canyon and wilderness. Nights are spent riverside, either camping or at a historic lodge. Most of our Rogue River trips feature a night or two of camping followed by a final night at Paradise Lodge.

    Families on the Rogue River

    The Rogue River is a great vacation for families of all ages. We’ve worked hard to design our family trips to meet the needs of both parents and kids. We provide life jackets specifically fitted for children, snacks during the day on the river and numerous games and activities.

    Family-focused activities include adventure swims, hikes to visit historic sites, and games and stories while at camp. Most importantly, our guides know how to hang out and have fun with kids and they will work hard to ensure that all members of your family have a great time on the river. Our minimum age is 6 years old.

    Rogue River Wildlife

    During your visit to the Rogue River you will astounded by the number of animals that call the Rogue River home. Deer are often spotted alongside the river, otter can be seen swimming and playing in nearby eddies, and native Steelhead and Salmon are a common sight as they make their way to spawning grounds upstream.

    The Value of River Trips

    It’s a canyon rich in history, a famous wilderness river, and time spent with family and friends that separate this trip from any other rafting experience. The town of Galice, the river itself, and the surrounding country all offer close-ups of the history of western territorial exploration and settlement. Native American sites, pioneer settlements, gold rush exploration, thwarted attempts at development, and the congressional heroics that preserved this rugged wilderness will form the background of our trip. The river flows through forested country with stretches of exciting, fun whitewater. The landscape is spectacular but it will be the time spent with friends, the rapids you run, the nearby hikes, the exquisite campsites, and the immensity of the place that will create the lifetime memories that you will bring home from Oregon’s wild Rogue River.


    Rogue River Journeys operates under Special Use Permits from the Bureau of Land Management, Medford District and the U.S. Forest Service. The Oregon State Marine Board licenses our activities. Our permit and license are your assurance that Rogue River Journeys is legally outfitting on the river. Our operations and facilities are operated on a non-discriminatory basis.

  • Common Questions

    What is the easiest way to get to the Rogue River?
    The Rogue is just off Interstate 5, north of Medford and Grants Pass, OR. It is an easy, one-day drive from the San Francisco Bay Area and from Portland. If you choose to fly, Medford has an active regional airport. There are several shuttle services available that can transport you from the airport to our meeting place at Galice. If you need help arranging a shuttle, call our office and we will be glad to assist you.

    Who are our guides?
    We have an outstanding crew of guides, all of whom are dedicated to providing you with a memorable, fun rafting vacation. Our guides are professional, fun, and focused on service. Check out our staff page for guide profiles.

    What is a SUP and rafting trip?
    Our trip is essentially a multi day rafting trip, the difference is that for those who want to SUP, we provide the boards. We will bring the number of SUPs that your party would like to use. However, keep in mind the physical demand of SUPing and if you are new to the sport, you will likely want to trade out with others in your group, spending part of the time in a raft and part of the time SUPing. There are also some sections of the river with larger rapids, for which you may want to join us in rafts.

    What’s the weather like on the Rogue?
    The summertime weather on the Rogue is usually pleasant, with daytime high temperatures averaging in the low 90′s and early morning lows in the 50′s. To ensure that you are comfortable, please bring the clothing items that we recommend on your packing list.

    What are your age limits?
    Many of our guests on the Rogue are families with children. Six years old is our minimum age for kids.

    How do I make a reservation?
    Our reservations office is open 7 days a week to assist you. Give us a call, or send us an email and we will help you to plan your SUP & rafting vacation. We can also give you suggestions about other activities to enjoy while you are in the southern Oregon area.

    Do I need camping gear for my trip?
    If you are booked on one of our camping, or camp/lodge combination trips, you are welcome to bring your own sleeping bag, tent, and pad, or to borrow our gear. We do not charge a rental fee for the use of our gear. We provide this gear as part of our commitment to outstanding service.

    Are there mosquitoes, or other bugs that bite?
    If you are booked on a trip that stays at lodges, you might experience some mosquitoes in the evening. The lodges irrigate around their buildings for fire protection, and mosquitoes can hatch in this water. For the most part, biting insects are not a problem on the river.

    How many people can we book on a trip?
    Most of our trips have a limit of 25 people. Our permit is issued by the Bureau of Land Management and limits the number of guests that we can bring on each trip. Please call our office for availability.

    I’d like to have my vehicle shuttled to the take-out location – how do I do that?
    If you would like to have your car shuttled to the end of the trip, you can make arrangements at the Galice Store on the morning of your trip. Galice can be reached at 541-476-3818 if you would like to make shuttle arrangements ahead of time.

    Can you accommodate special needs?
    Yes! We will work with you to accommodate dietary, medical, or other needs that you may have.

    Can I bring a musical instrument?
    Yes please. Let us know in advance and we will provide a waterproof bag to protect your instrument.

    Can I bring wine, beer or other drinks on the trip?
    We provide some dinner wine, beer, soda, juice and plenty of ice water for your trip. You are welcome to bring your own beverages as well. We’ll store your drinks in our coolers or boxes and provide them to you upon request.

    Should I purchase trip insurance?
    Yes. Unforeseen circumstances sometimes arise and trip insurance can protect you in the event of a last minute cancellation. We have a good policy available through Travelex Insurance.

    What type of SUP’s do you use?
    We have NRS Barron 6 Stand Up Paddle Boards. These boards are inflatable, and forgiving, making them excellent for rapids, and scenic stretches of the river.

    What kind of rafts to you use?
    On most trips, we run a combination of three kinds of boats, oar rafts to carry gear, a paddle boat, and one or two person inflatable kayaks. You are welcome to rotate and try the different boats during the course of your trip.

  • Testimonials

    “I can’t stop telling people about how great our experience rafting on the Rogue with this company was. The river was gorgeous and the organization excellent, but the most outstanding feature of this trip was the guides. They were knowledgeable, fun-loving, inclusive, creative and safe.”

    “The food was really really good and great lunches were prepared by the staff along the river every day. If you want to see the Rogue River, go with Rogue River Journeys, as you will have the time of your life!”