SUP Half-Day River Trip

  • SUP Half-Day River Trip

    Our SUP river trip is perfect for those who have SUP experience and are wanting to expand their skills. We spend a half day on the Rogue River teaching river safety basics, paddling techniques for moving water, and enjoying scenic views. Our trips include board, paddle, helmet, life jacket, river shoes, a wetsuit, and instruction.

  • Price

    $160 for 1 person
    $140 each for 2
    $110 each for 3
    $100 each for 4 or more

  • Common Questions

    How is river SUPing different from flat-water?
    Rivers have many complex currents and hazards that are not found in flat-water. Our guides discuss these hazards and provide instruction about how to successfully and safely navigate the river environment.

    What are your age limits?
    We are happy to make any age work, if you have youth under 10 we will bring a raft and have them ride in it with a guide.

    How do I make a reservation?
    Give us a call at 541-282-4535 if you have any questions or want to make a reservation.

    What type of SUP’s do you use?
    We have NRS Barron 6 Stand Up Paddle Boards. These boards are inflatable, and forgiving, making them excellent for rapids, and scenic stretches of the river.